The fiber compression packing is a high performance product focused for the industry at large where the purpose is to operate the equipment for a longer continuous time, in another word, with less interference to adjust or change the compression packing. Its excellent continuity in terms of fibers and interlacing ensure operational savings by reducing friction, less leakage, maintenance and production process continuity.



100% GFO

Areas of application

GFO compression packing can be used for an extensive application list within the industry. It can be used in several pumps, including centrifuges, rotary, turbines and pistons. Also used in valves, agitators, mixers, dryers and refiners. Due to its wide range of services, the GFO gasket can be used as a standard compression packing solution.

Dimensions of the standard sheets

Section from ¼” to 1.1 / 8”

Operation Limits

Temperature (ºC) Minimum
PH Minimum
Speed (m/s) 21,8

*Pressure limit according to the application and after checking with KLINGER and GORE technical. staff.