Angle valve for chlorine

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Angle Valve for Chlorine

safety and efficiency

Specific use for tank cars, chlorine lines and stationary tanks, Angle Valve is applied together with overflow valves, that are suitable for use in bulk liquid chlorine. Compatible with Emergency Kit C.


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    NPT1 thread″ – 11.1/2″ FPP.

Operating Conditions

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    Maximum operating pressure: 34 20 bar;
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    Maximum operating temperature:180ºC;
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    Flow coefficient (CV): 18,2.


Handwheel FC 200
Castle ASTM A216 WCB
Gasket PTFE
Haste* AISI 316L
Body ASTM A216 WCB
Site* AISI 316L

*Monel K500 on request

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