ammonia cylinder valve

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ammonia cylinder valve

The valve for ammonia cylinder is an equipment designed to establish, control, and interrupt the flow of gas in its use operation or in the filling, with opening and closing.


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    Cylinder Input Thread ¾” x 14 FPP NPT 8;
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    1/1/8” x Top Thread 18 FPP NPT 9;
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    Side Thread of the Valve ½” x 14 NPT 10;
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    Inlet Thread Relief Valve ¼” x 18 FPP NPT 11.


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    Pressure: 30 Kgf/cm² a 120°C;
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    Temperature: – 29°C a 120°C;
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    Fluid: Ammonia Nh3.


Body Carbon steel 1020 trivalent zincado
Rod 316l stainless steel
abutment ring Carbon steel 1020 trivalent zincado
VP3 gasket Teflon PTFE
Click on the box Carbon steel 1020 trivalent zincado
Castle Carbon steel 1020 trivalent zincado

Safety Relief Valve *

This device guarantees the safety of the process, through valve pressure control.
When the internal pressure of the valve reaches between 298 Psig a 355 Psig, or device is opened, causing the internal pressure to be released preventing cylinder rupture.


*optional device