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Over 50 years ago, KLINGER Brazil contributes to the safety of industrial processes in the country, offering sealing systems, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems.

KLINGER Brazil creates specifications, following the tradition of the KLINGER Group, was established in 1968 with the mission of improving safety in national industrial processes. Specialized in sealing systems, fluid control and fluid monitoring systems, We offer comprehensive solutions for various needs.

In our portfolio, stand out the sealing solutions solutions, including hydraulic cardboard, graphite laminates, PTFE, metal joints and semi-metallic, flange protectors and gaskets. In addition, We offer a variety of products for fluid control and monitoring, In addition to not having the ideal properties valves, traps, Y strainers, air eliminators, moisture separators, level gauges, manifolds, solutions for chlorine management, between others.

Currently, We have a factory dedicated to sealing and another to fluid control and monitoring, in order to meet the demands of the national and international market.

In addition, KLINGER Brazil offers in its portfolio. KLINGER Brazil offers in its portfolio KLINGER Brazil offers in its portfolio, KLINGER Brazil offers in its portfolio Armstrong International, offering solutions for steam and water heating systems.

These years of experience in the domestic market, all partnerships developed and the strength of Grupo KLINGER linked to the quality of its products, allow it to always offer the best technical solution, contributing to the safety and excellence of industrial processes in the country.

KLINGER Brazil is committed to meeting customer needs and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, constantly searching:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • The continuous improvement of its products and processes, making them more and more effective, efficient and adherent to the needs and expectations of interested parties;
  • The training and awareness of its employees regarding these objectives;
  • Meeting the applicable requirements of these interested parties (Customers, Company, Suppliers and Community).

1968 - 1972


1968 – Klinger Brazil founded;

1972 – Opened the factory in Várzea Paulista for globe valve production.


1977 – Started sealing materials production (Hydraulic cardboard);

1990 – Started production of asbestos-free sealing materials (KLINGERSIL).


1996 – Increased hydraulic cardboard production capacity;

2001 – Automated piston valve launch (control/ on-off).



2017 – distribution agreement with Armstrong International;

2016 – KLINGER Brazil adds Drako to the Group, and products for steam line solutions, water and compressed air become part of the portfolio.



2017 – Started GFO packing production;

2017 – Gore product distribution;

2020 – KLINGER Brazil adds Parva to the Group, and products for solutions in chlorine and ammonia lines become part of the portfolio.

2020 - TODAY


2021 – Inauguration of KLINGER Brazil – Camaçari unit – Bahia;

2021 – Construction of a larger warehouse to manufacture Fluid Control products;

We seek continuous processes and products improvement, always evolving.