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KLINGER flexible copper tubes have been developed for the connection between the chlorine cylinder and the piping system, considering the reactivity of chlorine, cylinder temperature and pressure.
They feature specific fittings at each end., specially designed and approved for safe application.


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    Annealed electrolytic copper flexible tube (conforme ASTM B 188).
    Both ends feature both Yoke and Yoke type connections.
    3/4 nut″ NGO;
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    The connections feature Silver Solder which must have, not minimum,
    44% silver in composition.

Operating conditions

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    cylinders: 50KG, 68KG e 900KG;
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    Pressure: 300Psi;
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    Fluid: chlorine – Cl 2 (gas / liquid).


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    clamp / sargento tipo Yoke;
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    3/4 nut″ NGO.


Terminal tipo YokeBrass or stainless steel 316L
silver solder44% silver
3/4 hex nuts″ NGOBrass
Copper tubeAnnealed copper as per ASTM B 188
silver solder44% silver
Terminal tipo YokeBrass or stainless steel 316L
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