Excess flow valve

Excess flow valve

security and reliability

The KLINGER excess flow valve is a safety device designed to restrict the flow of gas or liquid in chlorine trailers., acting in response to an abnormal increase in flow.

When detecting excessive flow, valve date automatically, providing an additional layer of security. This measure contributes significantly to the prevention of leaks, effectively reducing the risk of explosions or other unwanted incidents.


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    Liquid/gas chlorine trailer.

Operating Conditions

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    Maximum operating capacity of 3.200 kg/hour;
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    Pressure: during unloading, the pressure in the cargo tank must be at least 138kpa (20 psig) for systems with overflow valves.

building standards

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    is natural rubber and has high resilience and effective adhesion to metals 13295;
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    flyer 49 Chlorine Institute.


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    Valve external thread diameter: 1.1/4”–11½” npt.


Site316L stainless steel
Body316L stainless steel
SphereMonel K500
Cage*316L stainless steel

*For chlorine gas flow valve.

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