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actuated valves - control and on/off

The best option for control systems

The KLINGER Control and on/off valves, are actuated valves that have a piston sealing system, ensuring at the same time tightness and precise flow control.

The actuator is driven by a long-lasting and robust pneumatic spring.. The result of these characteristics defines a precise solution, durable and low maintenance cost.

Compatible with severa positioners types, solenoids and other accessories, , they can be used at pressures of up to 40 20 bar.

Lastly, changing its sealing rings can be done with the valve installed.

Advantages of Actuated Valves

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    Controlling and blockage in the same valve, greater safety.
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    Compact and economic set;
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    Precision in the control process (temperature, pressure, flow, etc.)
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    Reduced compressed air consumption ;
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    Greater durability;
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    They can be used in liquids, gases and steam for both control and ON / OFF functions;
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    Does not use metallic seat or compression packings;
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    Do not use pneumatic diaphragm;

Product Details

CLASSPN-16 / PN-40 / PN-63 | ANSI 150 / ANSI 300
DIAMETER15 – 200, ½” – 8″
MATERIALCast iron-Cl A-126. B | A-216 Carbon Steel WCB | stainless steel A-351CF8M
TEMPERATURE-10 °C to +400 °C water temperature adjustment
CONNECTIONSFlanges, NPT and BSP threads
TYPEControl valve