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Joint cutting

Working on the best solutions for industrial processes is KLINGER’s vocation! Thinking about that, We have developed an exclusive gasket cutting service to serve our customers completely and effectively.


Understand the need for cutting joints in industries

chemical industries, mechanics, oil companies, steel mills, food, pharmaceutical companies, among others, have piping and equipment that, for the perfect functioning, require sealing joints with specific dimensions.

To meet this demand and bring joints made appropriately for these applications, there are joint cutting patterns, like R and FF types.

Get to know KLINGUETTE, our gasket cutter

For cutting standard sized joints, we developed the KLINGUETTE, our cutter that provides efficiency and precision for creating gaskets.

Built with technology and ergonomic design, Our equipment allows companies to optimize their operations, achieving clean and precise cuts. Its versatility and ease of use makes the KLINGUETTE gasket cutter an ideal choice for industry, ensuring quality, productivity and time savings when cutting the joints your industry needs.

Check out the features:

cutting joints 80 mm to 1.250 mm in diameter and thicknesses up to 9 mm;

Ideal for hydraulic cardboard cuts, cardboard, felts, corks, erasers and null

easy to replace, the cutting blade is the only wearing part;

Allows adaptation of pulley and motor, facilitating and considerably increasing your production.

To learn more about KLINGUETTE, Click here.

Special designs and unique joint cutting

There is also a need for special large diameter designs., exclusive equipment, different types of materials among other specificities that may require a unique joint cut, what demands a personalized service.

Like this, to meet the peculiarities of each project, KLINGER Brazil also offers the service with customized joint cuts.

How to contact the KLINGER team?

KLINGER Brazil not only manufactures and markets the hydraulic cardboard for sealing, as well as the cutting work according to the required project of each equipment, meeting your specific requirements.

Get in touch with our team and learn more about this solution.

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