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KLINGER Expert – Our software for calculating gaskets

KLINGER has drawn on its experience and knowledge and developed KLINGER Expert – a versatile gasket calculation and selection software, primarily designed to eliminate errors in type selection Hydraulic cardboard and torque application.

The program was developed in Austria with the aim of specifying which product is most suitable for each application., considering equipment data (flange and clamping set), operating conditions (fluid, temperature and pressure) and the various models interaction in the adopted conditions.

The software searches according to the information predetermined by the user for each of the variables and returns the most suitable hydraulic cardboard as a result., or even a list of alternatives.

In addition, it is possible to assess the need to change the screw material, torque or operating conditions. Bringing in a visual and numerical way the full understanding of the gasket sealing during installation and operation.

It is common for condensate to appear in compressed air and steam lines., it is possible to choose between sealing gaskets, the most suitable material for each need in a very precise way.

The link to download the software is at the bottom of the page..

Functions offered by KLINGER EXPERT

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    Identification of the best gasket material for specific applications;
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    Chemical suitability and temperature checks;
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    Screws torque requirements calculation;
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    Graphic illustration of the dispersion of the various fixation methods;
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    Required product approvals and certificates selection.


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