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BRAIN - Digital Valve hot water recirculation.

Designed especially for usage in central distribution networks and hot water recirculation in residential buildings, hotels and hospitals, the Brain® Valve provides a reduction in the initial cost of the work, energy savings and low-operating savings. It is a solution that assures safety, precision and control and can be remotely operated and monitored.

When dealing with the issue of hot water distribution in buildings for public use such as hotels and hospitals, It is very important to consider factors such as: bacteria sterilization, safety against scalding, hot water availability for comfortable usage and energy efficiency.

Currently, in these types of buildings, the hot water distribution system commonly adopted is divided into: hot water generation, distribution and recirculation. In this case, the water is heated in equipment known as hot water generators and sent directly to the distribution plumbs at a temperature of around 60°C. Connected to the end of the distribution network are the return plugs responsible for recirculating the excess hot water back to the boiler. The distribution of hot water around 60°C aims to guarantee immediate hot water flow for comfortable usage of showers and sinks that is 38°C and bacteria sterilization such as legionella. However, this approach has disadvantages such as scalding risk and energy losses due to thermal conduction in the pipeline.

In order to eliminate traditional system disadvantages, a new concept is proposed, which features Brain® Digital Recirculation Center (DMC) with precision +/- 1°C water temperature adjustment, the speed of this response allows a temperature of 50°C to be adopted in the distribution plumbs providing greater safety to the user, less waste of energy and lower cost of construction without compromising comfort.

The hot water is generated and stored at a temperature greater than or equal to 60°C, the DMC receives all hot water generated by the boilers and is also fed with cold water from the reservoir. DMC will adjust the water temperature to 50°C by feeding the distribution plugs, the hot water excess is pumped back to the DMC which redirects this excess back to the boiler or to the distribution plume depending on the demand for hot water.

This configuration of generation and storage >/= 60°C and distribution at 50°C is based on international laws and recommendations.

KLINGER Brazil, in addition to commercializing DMC with Brain® Digital Recirculation Valve, provides all necessary technical support for dimensioning, installing and startup assistance, user training and technical assistance nationwide.

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