4400KLINGERSIL® C-8200

Material with excellent performance for use in acid conditions, being an alternative for PTFE seals.


Sealing material with fiberglass and Hypalon rubber.

Areas of application

Resistant to a wide variety of acidic fluids.


Mechanical properties - Typical values ​​for thickness 1.5mm

Compressibility ASTM F 36 A%12
Recovery ASTM F 36 A%50
Heat loss DIN 52911%28
Stress relaxation BS 753140 Mpa / 300º CMPa24
KLINGER Hot Compression Test 50 MPaThickness. decrease at 23º C%10
Thickness. decrease at 300 ° C%10
Sealability DIN 3535/4ml/min.1,0
Thickness increase after immersion in: ASTM F 146Oil ASTM Nº 3: 5h a 150º C%7
Fuel B: 5h a 23º C%8
Thickness increase after immersion in ASTM F 146Oil ASTM Nº 3: 5h a 150º C%15
Fuel B: 5h a 23º C%15

Dimensions of the standard sheets

Sizes4000 x 1500 mm | 2000 x 1500 mm
Thicknessesfrom 0,4 mm to 6,40 mm

Consult us for special dimensions and cut gaskets.