Cardboard Hydraulic Klingersil TOP-GRAPH 2000

Manufactured using a revolutionary process that gives hydraulic cardboard with graphite fibers unprecedented properties.. Thanks to high surface compressive strength and low brittleness, this material is suitable for steam usage and other special applications.


Sealing material composed of graphite and synthetic fibers, bonded with NBR.

Areas of application

The material impresses with its ease of handling., high surface compressive strength and low brittleness at temperatures up to 300°C. These properties provide Top-Graph 2000 great resistance to damage during assembly and operation, prevents pressure drop of screws and formation of cracks at high temperature. The material is suitable for use in steam up to 300°C and, depending on application area, temperatures up to 500°C are possible.
O KLINGERSIL® Top-Graph 2000 2000 combines the characteristics of reinforced gaskets with synthetic fibers (preferred by specialists) with the graphite fiber.

Cardboard and gasket TOP-GRAPH 2000

Mechanical properties - Typical values ​​for thickness 1.5mm

Compressibility ASTM F 36 A%12
Recovery ASTM F 36 A%50
Heat loss DIN 52911%25
Stress relaxation BS 753140 Mpa / 200º CMPa28
KLINGER Hot Compression Test 50 MPaThickness. decrease at 23º C%13
Thickness. decrease at 200º C%12
Sealability DIN 3535/4ml/min.1,0
Thickness increase after immersion in: ASTM F 146Oil ASTM Nº 3: 5h a 150º C%5
Fuel B: 5h a 23º C%7
Thickness increase after immersion in ASTM F 146Oil ASTM Nº 3: 5h a 150º C%18
Fuel B: 5h a 23º C%13

Dimensions of the standard sheets

Sizes4000 x 1500 mm | 2000 x 1500 mm
Thicknessesfrom 0,4 mm to 6,40 mm

Consult us for special dimensions and cut gaskets.