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Working on the best solutions for industrial processes is KLINGER's vocation, thinking about this , desenvolvemos um exclusivo trabalho de corte de juntas para agilizar o trabalho de nossos clientes e atendê-los de forma completa e eficaz.

chemical industries, mechanics, oil companies, steel mills, food, pharmaceuticals, among others, have pipes and equipment that, for the perfect functioning, need gaskets.

for these applications, there are patterns of joint cuts, like R and FF types. However, there are special designs of large diameters, exclusive equipment, different material types among other specifics that may require a unique joint cut.

Like this, KLINGER Brazil not only manufactures and sells hydraulic cardboard for sealing, as well as the cutting work according to the required project of each equipment.

Get in touch with our team e saiba mais sobre este trabalho.

Juntas cortadas