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The ball valves are modern and are very reliable in operation

KLINGER ball valves , are known worldwide for their exclusive “dynamic sealing system” that guarantees excellent performance in severe applications, such as abrasive fluids, dangerous gases, vacuum, processes with high temperatures up to 400ºC, pressures up to 100 bar and other conditions where differentiated valves are required.
The dynamic sealing system enables KLINGER valves to, in addition to great durability, resist to very high temperatures, pressure and abrasion. The sealing member (A) is inserted in a metallic ring (B), opening only the face to the sphere so it does not deform nor undergo torsions. On the other hand, the metallic ring constantly compresses the sealing element against the sphere, ensuring a perfect fit between the two parts, without the need for retightening or adjustments.

Sphere valve Scheme


Advantages Of KLINGER Ball Valves

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    Exclusive dynamic sealing system;
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    Sealing according to EN 12266-1 class A;
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    Sealing elements modular selection

Product Details

KHA DN 10-125 3-piece Flange, top for welding, thread
KHE DN 15 – 200, ½“ – 8“ split Flange
WHEN THE DN 15 – 1000 split / 1 Flange, solder tip
Special valve Schöneberg DN 8-500 1, 2-piece, or 3 pieces Flange, top for welding, thread